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7 benefits of Kitchen Renovations for Your Northern Beaches

Kitchen Renovation Northern Beaches

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most used room in your home, doubling as both a social and cooking area. However, as your family grows or your lifestyle changes, you may look to alter your kitchen to meet changing requirements.

Kitchen renovations are the perfect solution to add features and functionality to your existing space. When planning to renovate your kitchen, it helps to get expert advice in order to make the most out of the opportunity.

Based on our extensive experience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 benefits to renovating your kitchen.

1) Improved Comfort

Kitchen renovations can improve comfort in a variety of ways, such as better ventilation, which reduces cooking odours and heat in the kitchen. There are many ways to properly ventilate your kitchen, Ducted Rangehoods, larger windows & opening skylights will improve air circulation while also adding natural light.

Another major benefit is the improved functionality of a new kitchen, starting again presents you with a blank canvas and our expert team can help you design a kitchen that perfectly suits your families needs.

2) Better Kitchen Life

The kitchen is considered as the heart of the home, and cooking can become a family activity when it is open to the rest of the house. Modern families are prioritising open plan living much more than our last generation did, as such these old homes have small & separated kitchens. One of the most common requests we see in Kitchen Renovations is removing the living room/kitchen walls , once removed your home and kitchen will both feel more spacious.

Island bench tops are very in trend currently and are a great way to add a dining area or utility space to your home. There are many uses for your kitchen island, it doubles as a dining table, a working from home office or a place to enjoy a glass of red in the evenings. No wonder Kitchen Islands are very popular at the moment!

3) Reduced Energy Costs

A kitchen renovation is a great excuse to upgrade your appliances with more energy efficient ones. A kitchen renovation can include the addition or relocation of power points, giving you more options on where you can put appliances. Another energy saving opportunity is replacing traditional lighting fixtures with LED lighting.

4) Improved Functionality of Workspace

We will work with you to get the most out of your space. You can never have enough storage, so we can add more storage space by installing more cabinets or raising the height of the ones you already have right to the ceiling. Important consideration of the layout of your kitchen can improve the functionality and working comfort out of sight!

5) Sustainable Kitchen Environment

You can contribute to an eco-friendly atmosphere in your home by creating a sustainable kitchen working environment. We can install low-flow faucets to save water, and give you sustainable materials to consider such as bamboo, reclaimed wood, or recycled materials for countertops, cabinets, and floors.

6) Revamped Kitchen

If the visual appeal of your kitchen is a little dated, we can design a kitchen using the most modern materials and finishes available in the market, transforming it into the magazine worthy kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!

Shaker style or V Groove Polyurethane painted Cabinets, Timber Laminate feature cabinets or engineered Stone benchtops are just some of the materials you can choose from. Handles or handle-less? Whatever your style we can create your dream space!

7) Increased Home Value

Though a custom kitchen can be expensive to renovate. The investment can greatly increase the value of your home, giving you a high return on investment if you plan on selling your home in the future. This allows you to easily recover the cost to renovate the kitchen with the increased asset value, while giving you the added benefit of having a remodelled kitchen perfectly suited to your requirements.

If you are looking for kitchen renovations in Northern Beaches , Ferrari Constructions is here to help. Our expert team members will remodel your kitchen to your specifications and exceed your expectations for style and functionality.

Are you are looking for kitchen renovations in Northern Beaches?

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