Ferrari Constructions Sydney

Seaforth Large Scale Ground Floor Renovation
Battle Boulevard, Seaforth

Before Snapshot

This Seaforth property is an old harbourside residence with land extending down to the foreshore of the harbour under the spit bridge. The residence was in need of some major maintenance and renovation. The client contacted Ferrari Constructions with renovation plans already in place. However some changes were made to this plan with a slight redesign.

Client Brief

The first stage build for this particular client included a bathroom renovation along with a walk in robe. This was completed a few years before the main renovation.

The main renovations included gutting the main living floor and removing all internal walls. We then built a steel supporting frame following engineering design. The newly renovated floor plan included a new kitchen, bathroom, walk in pantry, new floor to ceiling height windows and doors and a new deck to the rear overlooking the water.

Stage 3 was completed a year after stage 2, landscaping and pool area renovations were undertaken including rebuilding a 20 tonne stone boulder wall (by hand!) as well as pool filter box, pool surround tiled, turf laid and sandstone walls repaired and pointed.

Job Specifications

Home renovation Northern Beaches
Battle Boulevarde Seaforth-Pool - Ferrari Constructions

Project Obstacles

This build ran fairly smoothly. However the access did pose some problems.

The renovation and residence was located down a tight battle axe driveway. All deliveries were by small ute/truck only. Additionally the residence was then located down 80 or more stairs leading to the renovation ground level. A lot of manpower was used getting materials in and rubbish out.

The steel beams were a real challenge! Not only installing them but even to get them down the stairs using manpower alone. A crane was not an option.

The floor to ceiling windows and doors were tricky to install on this Seaforth renovation as a lintel had to be partly cut up into the floor frame above due to the height of the windows. It was a time consuming exercise to retrofit these window lintels.

The backyard landscaping was hands down the hardest week physically of my career. As a team we carried in by hand at least 12 tonne of rock, 5 tonne of drainage gravel and 4 tonne of top soil, as well as bricks, tiles and sand and cement to top it all off!

Project Duration

The time taken for this Seaforth renovation project, from start to handover was around 6.5 months.

After Snapshot

On completion, this Seaforth renovation was a fantastic end result. The design and workmanship was spot on with the views to the harbour providing spectacular backdrop to this renovation.

The deck is a favourite spot to sit and relax or entertain for the client. Also the open plan living options facilitates entertaining which the client does often. Light now floods in from the large windows and doors.

The overall build was a real success, the renovation was considered for an award in the Master Builders Association awards – renovations category.