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Home Extension and Renovation in Seaforth, NSW

Project Duration: 6 Months | Ferrari Constructions

Home extensions can be an excellent way to access your property’s full potential. Designed to meet your specific needs and budget, they can stop the need to relocate to a bigger home. From single-room extensions into backyards to adding a complete second-storey, there are endless possibilities to add to the style and functionality of your existing home.

This case study is a testimony for a 6-month-long home extension and renovation project we completed in Seaforth.

Project Overview

Despite being a substantial home already, the property lacked a master suite fitting for such a premium location and didn’t take advantage of the picturesque Middle Harbor views available. The upstairs bathroom was tired and in need of updating, and the downstairs living/dining spaces were separated by walls & dated archways that didn’t suit the trend for a modern, open-plan living space.

The project required us to add a second storey master bedroom suite with a HUGE ensuite & walk-in robe that took full advantage of the views to Middle Harbor.

Apart from the master bedroom and ensuite additions, we also undertook renovations to the existing family bathroom upstairs, upgrading it to complement the newly renovated master suite.

On the lower level, some major renovation work was included, removing walls & adding windows to facilitate a modern, light-filled, open-plan living space for the clients and their family.

Client Brief

The clients contacted Ferrari Constructions for home extension and renovation work to their Seaforth home. They were looking to enhance the utility and aesthetics of their home by adding a second storey extension – including a luxury master bedroom with a breathtaking view of the beautiful harbor, an ensuite, and a walk-in closet.

In addition, they also asked us to renovate the ground floor to create a contemporary open-plan living area, giving the house a modern aesthetic. They also wanted extra living room windows, allowing for the maximum amount of natural light during the day time. Later in the project, the client opted for premium American Oak hardwood flooring throughout the residence, allowing for a greater degree of consistency throughout all areas of the property.

Our Approach

After completing a much smaller project several years prior, we met with the clients to establish their base requirements and scope for the project ahead. Following their initial consultation, we referred them to a trusted design firm partner that took them through the required approval stages.

Once the home renovations were architecturally designed, it was over to the structural engineers to design the required structural elements. Some complex roof engineering was required to facilitate the amazing triangle shaped window/door unit that frames the view to Middle Harbor in the master bedroom.

Once the design process is complete, we can step in to accurately price the work and prepare contracts to book a spot for your project!

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The Challenges We Faced

The Outcome

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