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Four Steps to a Successful Build


After the initial email or phone call our Builder David sends out a client questionnaire and our e-brochure. Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we’ll be able to discuss your project requirements and timelines. We often set an initial site meeting, so we can officially meet you, view the site and discuss your project.


Already have architectural plans and a construction certificate? We go straight to tendering.

At pre-planning stage? It’s beneficial to get in touch now, to allow more collaboration between builder, architectural designer and structural engineers. Our recommended and trusted architects design your project, have it approved and ready for construction. They’ll help manage required consultants, like a private certifier to obtain your construction certificate, the final step before building. Early planning allows for a better end result, plus helps to ensure the design meets the budget.

Want a smaller renovation job (e.g. bathroom)? David will create a quick plan for quoting purposes.

The design/plan can be created via a site discussion and previous experience.




Once we have your architectural and structural engineering plans, we set a site meeting to review the plans, the site and assess the required work. David will discuss finishes, materials and products suitable for your extension or renovation and start to create a specification to take into our tendering process.


We provide an in depth quote specification and cost report with each and every quotation. Our clients often comment that they appreciate this extra detail. It ensures that you have a full explanation and understanding of exactly what is included and required for your building project. These documents will form part of your building contract attachments.


Once you’re happy with the design, job specifications and quotation you are ready to move on to the contract. We use standard Master Builders Association contracts and the contract wording will be based on the size of your project and the requirements. (e.g Larger upper level extension uses a Fixed Price BC4 contract, some jobs are more suitable on a Cost plus contract, and smaller projects use a Short Form Residential Building Contract.)


When the planning paperwork is done, your project gets moved to the job list and given an expected start date. Closer to this date, David will confirm which day onsite works will begin. A foreman is assigned to the job site, work will progress steadily and we’ll provide regular updates. David and team are always available for discussion and encourage communication to ensure the job flows smoothly.

Required selections and choices will be outlined to you and discussed. We love to help guide you and we can advise of our most suitable suppliers.

Towards the end of the build we encourage site visits and regular discussion to finalise all parts of the build and ensure nothing is overlooked. We’re readily available to answer any concerns and tend to any questions you may have. At completion we do a thorough final clean before handover of your fantastic new renovation!

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